24 Hours Eating ONLY 7-Eleven HAWKER FOOD & Spiciest INSTANT NOODLE in Singapore

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7-Eleven in Singapore has a Hawker Series where local hawker foods make an appearance on the shelves.

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  1. When I saw the 7-eleven butter chicken briyani, I was like “get that! get that!” 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 Smells really fragrant and taste delicious! 😋

  2. I need to know how spicy those noods where!! Compared to the Samyang buldak, is it like the regular fire or the x2?? Or higher?

  3. 7-Eleven in Singapore has a Hawker Series where local hawker foods make an appearance on the shelves. & Spiciest INSTANT NOODLE in Singapore. Go Get Them.

  4. Mikey you should definitely visit Johor! It's really close to Singapore, and the cuisines there is also really nice

  5. Can't see it anywhere, even in the comments : where'd you get the seasalt gooey brownies, Mike???? You DID say you were gonna post the store you got it from, in the description. Looks bloody unbelievable!!! Gotta havvit!!!

  6. I’m amazed by how far ahead this man must be making videos! That burger said “use by 08/28/22” and posted in October?! No wonder we have constant content, thank you Mikey!!

  7. Maggi Pedas Giler is what mike ate for breakfast first. Pedas Giler translates to insanely spicy lmao. Pedas=spicy , Giler=crazy (slang). When u said u were having it for breakfast i just started shaking my head lmao

  8. The Maggi pedas giler isn't that spicy for me, I love the tom yum flavour but as for Mamee Ghost Pepper, I'll think twice before I eat it. I still can eat it because I love spicy food and can handle it very well but that Mamee Ghost Pepper, if you never try it then you should. For me, Mamee Ghost Pepper are the next level of Maggi Pedas Giler.

    Btw I'm from Malaysia ✌🏼 Singapore's neighbor 😎

  9. Any food that has a sauce, it’s always gonna be 100% better when the sauce is mixed in with everything

  10. that maggi pedas giler is the real deal especially tomyum one. I still got flashback from eating it years ago, so painful!

  11. Saw you at Thomson Plaza when you were here but didn't want to interrupt your meal… Should have gotten a picture 🥲

  12. Hey mikey, could you include the prices of the items in the local currency too? Not everyone that watches you, lives in the States 😂

  13. By the way, cheecheongfun (猪肠粉) doesn't contain pork like the name suggests.

    It is only called that because of its similarity of the look with pig intestines.. Fun fact

  14. Hey mike sir.. You should try Maggi ayam bakar extra spicy version its more appitizing😊😊