[20 yuan vs 160 yuan dumplings]Besides China, which country has the best dumplings?

This time with @口语老炮儿马斯瑞 to help you solve the biggest problem in history! Apart from China, which country has the best dumplings? ! You can’t guess it! You will know after watching the video! Remember: Whatever problems you have in life, you always have dumplings! .

What do you think?


  1. I personally don’t not like Indian food, but Somosa is a exception. I think you guys still need to choose Italian ravioli

  2. 草 突然掏出老干妈可还行 感觉还是老干妈和酱油醋啥的自己调好的哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

  3. 我是一个人, 我们一般说 " samosa"..我也知道在中国他们说那是 饺子。。哈哈。 不管印度的饺子赢了😂😂

  4. Jajajajajaja la cara de Chris cuando estabas haciendo el acento Ruso de: WDF dude! Apenas y se aguantaban los dos la risa xD

  5. I'd still go for the Chinese dumplings..lolol didn't like the Russians orcindian dumplings and that Italian place too expensive

  6. 大学的时候波兰留学生告诉我他们国家也有饺子,但馅不一样,他们吃土豆泥馅的。这是我第一次听说其他国家也有饺子。我去了秘鲁以后,发现秘鲁也有饺子,形状很像,但秘鲁的饺子是油炸的。多多了解世界其他的文化,非常能扩展自己的视野!

  7. Estaría genial pusieras subtítulos en español o mínimo en inglés hablo ambos pero no mandaron 🥺
    Saludos a ambos desde Michoacán México