1st Time Trying "Real" Chinese Food

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🧷 Chef Tweezers:
🌡Thermapen Thermometer:
⚖ Scale:
🍴 Beginners Chef’s knife:
🔪 Nicer Chef’s Knife:
🥘 Cast iron pan:
🍳 Saucepan:​
🪓 Wooden Cutting Board:

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  1. Now this imma ageeevwith I had this in Chicago and dam I was mind blown also you should one day checkout generosos pizze in Glendale heights 👌

  2. Some of the best food I've EVER eaten was in China! We went to Shenzhen China and ate at a Hunan restaurant and I got the hottest oil/ sauce they had lol! They guy saw me dipping my boiled or braised beef in that chilli oil and was like "Noooo, it will hurt your stomach" I replied nahh, I love hot food lol. A man who worked at a Hunan restaurant (traditionally some of the hottest food in China) said "you Americans like your food too spicy" lmao! I was the only one to eat it tho lol. I've looked up dozens of recipes to find what I ate and I'll never know unless I go back and figure out what it was. I intend to btw! I WILL figure out what that was and learn how to make it at home! Quote me on that!

  3. I didn't know there are people who actually like panda express. Barely even tastes like people food, much less Chinese food. Guess there's a market for anything

  4. I've gotten to eat in Chicago's China Town a few times and the food there is so worth the trip to chicago.

  5. I'm so mad I can't constantly get Dim Sum the place my family goes to is HOURS AWAY and it makes me want to cry

  6. My first date with my husband was so funny. "The best Chinese food in Huntington Beach" is what everyone kept saying. It was the worst Americanized Chinese food I've ever had. 🤣

  7. Lol, I like the way this guy talks, very natural but overly excited, like he is taking to a friend his know a while.

  8. We once had a Chinese lady stay at our airbnb and she made us some very tasty authentic Chinese food. Those tasted so different from what we have at the restaurants here. It was so light as well as easy to make.