Yangzhou fried rice

Yangzhou fried rice

“Yangzhou fried rice is also known as Yangzhou egg fried rice. In Xie Shan’s “Shi Jing”, there is “Yue Guo Shi Broken Golden Rice”, which is the predecessor of Yangzhou Egg Fried Rice. Legend has it that Sui Yang emperor passed the “broken golden rice” when he visited Yangzhou. Entering Yangzhou, it became the earliest record of Yangzhou fried rice. How Yangzhou fried rice spread from Yangzhou, I have to mention a person, he is the prefect of Yangzhou Yi Bingshou. Yi Bingshou, a native of Tingzhou, Fujian, 54 years of Qianlong He is the prefect of Yangzhou. This person has a good political voice, not only proficient in poetry and calligraphy, but also a gourmet. The instant noodles we eat today are developed on the basis of Yifu noodles. Yi Bingshou is also known as the pioneer of convenience food. One of them. The famous Hong Kong calligrapher Ling Yunchao said in his “Three Thousand Years of Chinese Calligraphy”: “Jiangsu-style fried rice is also fried rice with scallion sauce. Different chefs from Yifu also added some icing on the cake, plus some shrimps. Stir-fried with char siu, so it can be more delicious than ever. This flavor is called “Yangzhou fried rice” by people in southern China. After Yi Bingshou was dismissed from office and returned to his place of origin, he also brought this method back to his hometown of Fujian, and specially introduced the method of making Yangzhou fried rice in his “Liuchun Caotang Collection”. It was Yi Bingshou’s innovation and dissemination that made it today. “Yangzhou fried rice” colorful faces.
1. Add a little salad oil to the rice, mix well and set aside;

2. Ingredients: 50g corn kernels, 50g carrots, 50g peas, 5 crispy sausages, 2 eggs

3. Wash peas and corn kernels; peel and cut carrots; cut crispy sausage;

4. Cook corn, peas and carrots in hot water; drain and set aside;

5.Use chopsticks to quickly stir the eggs in the same direction into a uniform egg mixture

6.Add a little oil to the pot, pour in the egg mixture after the oil is hot, and beat the eggs while frying.

7. Pour the rice into the pot and stir evenly.

8. Pour all kinds of vegetables into the pot and stir evenly.

9. Season with salt and oyster sauce and stir well.

Tips: It’s better to use dry rice, preferably overnight.

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