Slimming and fat-reducing meal

After the holiday, everyone has a lot of mellowness. Today, I have a fat-reducing meal~㊗️The more you eat, the thinner and more beautiful you eat~


chicken breast

1 piece

Fresh shrimp


Chinese cabbage

Right amount


Right amount

Enoki mushroom

Right amount


Right amount

Chili Sauce

Right amount


Right amount

Crushed black pepper

Right amount

Slimming and fat-reducing meals

  • Shrimp shelled shrimp thread, blanched for later use, cooked chicken breasts and torn into silk for later use;

    Step 1 of weight-loss diet

  • Wash your favorite vegetables, blanch them in water and cook them for later use (because fungus can’t be eaten raw, you need to boil them in a hot pot under cold water for a while, so I cook the fungus separately here);

    Step 2 of weight-loss diet

  • This sauce colleague recommended it, it’s delicious, and it feels like you can mix everything;

    Slimming and fat-reducing meal practice step 3

  • Burning pepper sauce ➕ vinegar ➕ crushed black pepper (not available: soy sauce, oyster sauce, crushed black pepper, vinegar instead);

    Step 4 of weight-loss diet

  • Load up, start!

    Step 5 of weight-loss diet

  • Tips

    The vegetables can be replaced with any leafy vegetables you like…

    Remember to not eat the fungus raw…

    What do you think?