Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

“Tomato scrambled eggs, also known as tomato scrambled eggs. It is one of the most common dishes in ordinary families. Its cooking method is simple and easy to learn, and the nutrition is reasonable. It has bright color, pleasant taste, refreshing and appetizing, and it is deeply loved by the public. At the same time nutrition It is rich in value, has the characteristics of complementary nutrients and has the effect of bodybuilding and anti-aging. Although you have been making tomato scrambled eggs for so many years, do you really know the trick to make tomato scrambled eggs delicious?”

Ingredients list

Ingredients:three eggs。

Accessories:Two tomato(medium size)

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes

1、Prepare ingredients. Three eggs and two medium tomatoes. 1 gram of salt, 2 grams of sugar, and appropriate amount of edible oil.

2、Peel and beat the eggs, and cut the tomatoes into small pieces.

3、Pour an appropriate amount of bottom oil into the pot. After the oil is hot, pour in the egg liquid.

4、After the egg has solidified slightly, push the egg aside. Then add the tomatoes, stir and stir evenly.

5、Add a little sugar to the pot, stir and stir evenly, then heat up the sauce.

6、Finally, turn off the heat, add salt and stir-fry evenly before serving.


1. The proportion of eggs and tomatoes. In general, the weight is 1:1. Don’t have too many tomatoes, too much will make the soup easier, too little will reduce the taste.

2. The eggs should be fully broken up. Hit until there is no resistance and there are many small bubbles on the surface.

3. When beating eggs, put a little less water in the egg liquid. The scrambled eggs are tender and delicious.

4. Don’t cut the tomatoes too big or too small. Too much cooking time will affect the fresh and tender taste of the eggs. Too small will produce a lot of soup, which will affect the effect of the finished product.

5. When scrambled eggs, the oil should not be too little and the oil temperature should not be too low.

6. The eggs don’t need to be fried too cooked, just a little bit solidified. Because I have to fry tomatoes.

7. The eggs do not need to be taken out of the pot. Just push the egg to the side of the pan and continue to fry the tomatoes. This way the egg will not affect the taste due to the cold.

8. Regarding whether to put onion, ginger, garlic. You can put a little green onion, but don’t put ginger and garlic. The original taste is the best. Essence of chicken is not recommended.

9. Put in a little sugar, which can neutralize the acid of tomatoes. The taste will be better.

10. Add salt after turning off the fire, because the salt is put in early and a lot of soup will be produced.

        Sum up the above ten points to share with you. Although home cooking is simple, there are also tricks to making it delicious. I hope to be helpful.

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