Sauteed Cucumbers with Bacon Share

Sauteed Cucumbers with Bacon

need food

    • bacon
    • 100 g
    • cucumber
    • 1
    • Onion Ginger Garlic
    • Moderate
    • Salt
    • a little
    • pepper
    • Moderate
    • Chicken powder
    • Moderate

Practice steps


Wash the bacon, cut into thin slices, set aside

Fried cucumber with bacon, wash the bacon, cut into thin slices, set aside


Wash the cucumber and cut into thick slices

Bacon fried cucumber, cucumber washed, cut into thick slices for later use


Green and red peppers, washed and cut into small pieces

Bacon, fried cucumbers, washed green and red peppers, cut into small pieces for later use


Prepare the onion, ginger and garlic

Bacon fried cucumber, ready onion ginger garlic


Bring a pot of water to a boil, add the bacon and bring to a boil, remove and set aside

Stir-fried cucumber with bacon, put in the right amount of water in a pot, put in the bacon and boil, remove and set aside


Put the bacon in the pot again, stir fry until the oil comes out

Fried cucumber with bacon, then put in bacon, stir fry until oil comes out


Drizzle with cooking wine and stir-fry

Bacon, fried cucumbers, drizzled with cooking wine and fried until fragrant


Add onion, ginger and garlic fry until fragrant

Sauteed cucumber with bacon, add onion, ginger and garlic


Add green and red chili peppers, stir well to taste

Stir-fried cucumbers with bacon, add green and red peppers, stir well for spicy taste


Add the cucumber and fry until it breaks

Fried cucumber with bacon, add cucumber, stir well until broken


Add salt, pepper, chicken powder and stir well until fragrant

Stir-fried cucumber with bacon, add salt, pepper, chicken powder and stir well until tasty


Out of the pot into a container

Sauteed cucumbers with bacon, out of the pot and put in a container


Ready to eat

Sauteed Cucumbers with Bacon, Ready to Eat


Finished product

Bacon fried cucumber,finished picture


  • Cut the cucumber into thick slices. After frying, the taste is crisp and refreshing. If you like the soft and rotten taste, you can cut it into thin slices. If you like the spicy taste, add some peppers and peppercorns to taste better.
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