Lazy Rattan Pepper Chicken

A plate of chicken is indispensable on the dinner table during the New Year. In previous years, it was either roasted chicken with mushrooms or fried chicken with fungus. This year, we changed to a new way of eating, lazy vine pepper chicken. The recipe is simple, delicious and not greasy. I bought the vine pepper oil, and the pepper oil was fried by myself before, or I can buy ready-made ones. There are no millet peppers and green hot peppers. The dried peppers used are added with a few stalks of parsley. There is a special fragrance. My parents also said it was delicious, and the guests made it again the next day. If you are not very spicy, you can try this.


Big drumstick

1 piece


3 slices


A few


1 pinch

Cooking wine

2 tbsp


A few

Dried chili



3 tsp

Green Pepper Oil

2 tbsp

Pepper oil

2 tbsp

The practice of lazy rattan pepper chicken

  • Wash the large drumsticks, cut a few slices of ginger, cut the shallots into sections, and wash the pepper to remove dust.

    Lazy rattan pepper chicken practice step 1

  • Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, add chicken drumsticks, add sliced ​​ginger, shallot and pepper, add cooking wine to remove fishy. First boil on high heat until boiling, then turn to medium and low heat and cook for half an hour.

    Lazy rattan pepper chicken practice step 2

  • To prepare the seasoning soup, cut parsley into sections and dried chili into circles. Add salt, vine pepper oil and Chinese pepper oil.

    Lazy rattan pepper chicken practice step 3

  • Chopsticks can easily penetrate the thickest part of the chicken, and there is no blood flowing out, and the chicken is cooked. Pick up the drumsticks and immerse them in ice water or cool boiled to cool down.

    Lazy rattan pepper chicken practice step 4

  • Scoop a few spoonfuls of chicken broth into the seasoning bowl and mix well.

    Lazy rattan pepper chicken practice step 5

  • Chop the chicken into pieces or tear into strips. Soak the chicken in the soup for at least one hour. Finally you can eat it.

    Lazy rattan pepper chicken practice step 6

  • Tips

    1. The process of cooking chicken is a bit similar to that of white-cut chicken. You should use tender chicken instead of native chicken, which is not easy to cook.
    2. The original seasoning soup should use millet pepper and green hot pepper. I didn’t have it at home. I used dried pepper and cut a little parsley. It has a special fragrance and feels better. The spiciness will be lighter, suitable for people who can’t eat too spicy.
    3. Because it is a soaking method, the amount of salt should be a little more than normal cooking, otherwise it will not taste good. The longer the soaking time, the more delicious. Both rattan pepper oil and Chinese pepper oil are readily available, which is very convenient. You can also fry some and store it for later use, instead of having to fry it every time.

    What do you think?