Large plate chicken

There should be no one who doesn’t like this dish of large plate chicken! The unpleasantness of the whole day passed after one bite, and after eating, I mixed a portion of noodles, so satisfying.


Chicken leg



2 pcs

green pepper

1 piece

Red pepper

1 piece


5 segments


4 petals

Dried chili


Cooking wine

2 scoops

Soy sauce

1 scoop


1 scoop


Right amount


4 slices


A handful

star anise

2 pcs


2 pieces

Bay leaf

2 tablets

Large plate chicken feed

One package

The practice of large plate chicken

  • Boil chicken thighs and ginger slices (3 slices) in cold water with a spoonful of cooking wine until the water boils to remove the foam and continue to cook for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat.Wash the drumsticks in cold water and drain the water for later use

    Large plate chicken practice step 1

  • Put an appropriate amount of oil and a large amount of sugar in the wok and fry the sugar (low fire) slowly until it melts

    Large plate chicken practice step 2

  • Put the chicken pieces evenly on the heat and add the pepper (a few pieces) ginger shreds, dried chili (7-10) star anise (2 pieces) cinnamon (2 pieces) bay leaves (2 pieces), a spoonful of cooking wine and continue to stir for a while

    Large plate chicken practice step 3

  • Add a spoonful of bean paste, a large plate of chicken ingredients. Add water to submerge the chicken thighs (you can add more soup to the noodles, the taste is too touching), add 3-4 spoons of salt and a spoonful of soy sauce to taste. Wait for the boiling switch to simmer for half an hour.

    Big plate chicken practice step 4

  • After half an hour, add the potato wedges and continue to simmer, wait until the chopsticks can pierce the potatoes. Simmer the green and red peppers for 5 minutes.
    Sprinkle green onion, coriander, sesame seeds, perfect 🥱

    Step 5 of large plate chicken

  • Large plate chicken feed package

    Step 6 of large plate chicken

  • What do you think?