Golden Soup Maw Chicken🐔

Do you want a golden soup base?
Pumpkin puree is the key, Ծ^Ծ,


Flower Maw

Moderate (depending on family conditions)


2 teaspoons


Right amount





Cooking wine

Right amount

Red dates

5 pcs


A handful

White pepper


Chicken noodles

2 scoops

The practice of Jintang Huamao Chicken🐔

  • Soak the flower glue a day in advance🤔
    ⚠️About soaking hair: ginger slices cooking hop gum and steaming in water for more than 30 minutes, then take out the flower gum and soak it overnight to thoroughly soak the hair (pay attention to the quality of flower gum, ordinary flower gum may have a small amount of dust or fine sand. Wash carefully 👌)
    After soaking, cut into suitable segments for later use👌

  • Wash the bought chicken, remove the chicken rack and boil the soup, cut the other pieces for later use✌
    Regarding the chicken soup: blanch the water first, then add ginger slices to boil it to taste
    Regarding the chicken nuggets: start the pot and cook oil, add ginger slices and fry until fragrant, add the chicken nuggets and fry until both sides are slightly charred ~ add cooking wine and white pepper (the whole white pepper is pressed and mashed to maintain the best aroma) Add salt chicken powder to taste, stir fry evenly~

  • Pumpkin cut and set aside

    Golden soup flower glue chicken 🐔 practice step 3

  • Beat to the finest~
    Then remove the chicken rack, pour in the pumpkin puree, and cook for 5-8 minutes on medium heat
    Use a sieve to filter and pour into another pot (mainly to filter out the incompletely beaten pumpkin meat to prevent the bottom of the pot from sinking)

    Golden soup flower glue chicken 🐔 practice step 4

  • Then pour in all the fried chicken pieces, add red dates and cook for 30-45 minutes

  • After skimming the floating powder, add the flower maw and goji berries and cook for 5-10 minutes.
    ⚠️The flower maw will be too bad if cooked for too long
    ⚠️Goji berries boiled for too long will become sour and affect the taste

    Golden soup flower glue chicken 🐔 practice step 6

  • Tips

    There are not many pictures mainly because I forgot to take pictures when I did it🤷‍♂️
    You want to ask me why I only have a picture of a pumpkin?
    That must be because I got the picture from pumpkin millet porridge😂
    After all, I made pumpkin millet porridge because there was half a pumpkin left and I didn’t know what to do.
    ⚠️If you feel that the taste is not enough, you can add more salt by yourself🐾
    ⚠️After all, if the two spoons of salt are a little more water, it will not taste enough 🙄
    ⚠️This soup base can be used to make hot pot so that you can cook and eat it ✌
    ⚠️I use the cheapest fish maw (after all, I am not a big family ☹️)
    💢Why am I not a big family😭I still want to put scallops in😵

    What do you think?