fried beef

fried beef

The practice of fried beef

There are still a few green, red and yellow bell peppers and onions left in the refrigerator. Go to the supermarket and buy a piece of beef sirloin to eliminate them all.


Corned beef:

Beef tenderloin

500 g


Half root


5 slices

Oyster sauce

1 scoop

Soy sauce

1 scoop


3 grams

Egg white

1 piece


1 scoop


20 grams


Green bell pepper

60 grams

Red bell pepper

60 grams

Yellow bell pepper

60 grams

Purple onion



6 pieces

soy sauce

1 scoop

Oyster sauce

1 scoop

Soy sauce

Half a spoon


2 grams

Chicken Essence

Half a spoon


1 g

black pepper powder

1 scoop

White sesame

1 scoop

Crushed black pepper

a little

The practice of fried beef

  • Prepare 500 grams of beef sirloin.

    Step 1 of fried beef

  • Add two slices of green onions, 5 slices of ginger, and 50 grams of boiling water to an empty bowl and let it cool naturally.

    Step 2 of fried beef

  • Cut into slices across the beef pattern. (Can’t cut along the lines of beef)

    Step 3 of fried beef

  • Cut like this.

    Step 4 of fried beef

  • Add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce and 1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce.

    Step 5 of fried beef

  • Soak the onion and ginger in water and let it cool, then remove the onion and ginger. Add the soaking water to the beef three times: add soaking water for the first time to make it even; add soaking water for the second time, add 3 grams of salt and continue to grab it; add soaking water for the third time to grab it and remove the fishy.

    Step 6 of fried beef

  • After mixing well, add an egg white and mix well.

    Step 7 of fried beef

  • After mixing the egg whites, add 1 tablespoon of starch and continue mixing.

    Step 8 of fried beef

  • Finally add 1 tablespoon of corn oil and mix well. (It is best to cover with plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator to marinate overnight)

    Step 9 of fried beef

  • Cut green, red, and yellow bell peppers into pieces, onion and ginger.

    Step 10 of fried beef

  • Heat the pan with cold oil, add 300 grams of beef to the oil and quickly stir fry and change the color.

    Step 11 of fried beef

  • Pour the bottom oil in another pot, add onion and ginger, stir fry, and sauté.

    Step 12 of fried beef

  • After sauteing, add green, red and yellow bell peppers and stir fry evenly.

    Step 13 of fried beef

  • Add beef, 1 spoon of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, half a spoon of dark soy sauce, 2 g of salt, 2 g of chicken essence, 1 g of sugar, 1 spoon of black pepper, and 1 spoon of white sesame. Sprinkle a little black pepper and stir fry a few times before serving.

    Step 14 of fried beef

  • Very smooth and tender.

    Step 15 of fried beef

  • What do you think?