beef noodles

beef noodles

The practice of beef noodles

Beef ribs

1 kilograms


1 piece


1 piece


50 capsules

Dried chili

2 pcs



Bay leaf

7-8 pieces


A handful



Soy sauce

2-3 scoops

Sweet noodle sauce

1 scoop


Half listening

Cooking wine

a little


10-15 grams


  • Cut the tomato into small pieces and set aside. Tomatoes mainly color the beef broth, without any sour taste.

    Step 1 of beef noodle

  • Prepare spices.

    Step 2 of beef noodles

  • A large piece of ginger pats open.

    Step 3 of beef noodles

  • Cut the onion well.

    Step 4 of beef noodles

  • Blanch the beef in cold water, add another cut ginger and cooking wine in the water. Beat the froth, and reserve the beef stock.

    Step 5 of beef noodles

  • Put oil in the pan and fry the beef for 1-2 minutes. Add onion, ginger and spices, and fry for another half minute. Pour the tomatoes and saut√© for half a minute to a minute. Pour in some light soy sauce and dark soy sauce.

    Step 6 of beef noodles

  • Pour all the fried beef and auxiliary ingredients into the pressure cooker. Add 2-3 spoons of soybean paste, 1 spoon of sweet noodle paste, half a can of beer, and 10-15 grams of salt. Pour the original broth of the beef blanched water, without the beef.

  • Use a pressure cooker to soften the beef. I use the Supor electric pressure cooker, choose beef and mutton stall, soft taste item, press for 55 minutes, keep warm for about half an hour, and cook after no pressure.

  • Cook the noodles you bought, mix beef and soup and serve.

  • The practice of beef noodles

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