You should know the health regimen in autumn

Autumn has come, the temperature has dropped a lot, and you can feel the cool breeze when you walk out of the house. In order for the body to adapt to the changes of the seasons, please be sure to understand some autumn health regimens and adapt to the weather to make your body healthier.

The health regimen you must know in autumn

1. After the fall, you will slowly see many depressions, and the inner melancholy mood will become spontaneous. If you stay depressed for a long time, it will damage your organs and affect your health. Therefore, it is important to cleanse your mind, release bad emotions, and relieve depression.

In addition, the motherland medical theory believes that the reason why people want to maintain spiritual tranquility in autumn is because doing so can help reduce the impact of the killing air on the body, reduce the spirit, and help them achieve a state of peace of mind.

2. Exercise properly

The weather starts to cool down in autumn, and people’s appetites are stronger at this time, so the body can absorb more calories. Coupled with the cooler climate, people are more likely to get high-quality sleep, so in order to welcome the cold winter, the body begins to accumulate fat to keep out the cold. Therefore, in autumn, the calorie intake in your body is much more than the calories consumed.

If the body’s calories are too much, it will easily cause weight gain if it is not consumed in time. So, exercise properly in the fall. Of course, pay attention to time when exercising. That is, don’t go out too early in the morning, and don’t go out too late at night, lest it gets cold and sweats after exercise, causing your body to catch cold.

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