Yangzhou Hot Dry Silk-Tip of the Tongue 2 Episode 2 Snacks

Everyone knows that Yangzhou’s “big boiled dried shreds” is very famous. It uses chicken soup and ham broth to make the soup base, so it is also called “chicken fire dried shreds”. In addition, shrimp, bamboo shoots, ham shreds, etc. are added, which is delicious and strong. Every well-known tea house in Yangzhou can make this dish, and the price is not low.

However, what I like more is Yangzhou’s other more friendly way of eating dried silk, “Boiled dried silk”. It is not easy to cut the thick dried tofu from Yangzhou area into matchsticks with boiled dried shreds, but it is more difficult to blanch dried shreds to cut the dried tofu as thin as cotton thread. This is a test of the chef’s knives. Scalding dry silk removes the requirements for knife skills, and the other steps are much simpler. I think novice cooks can do the job.

Use the good soy sauce, sugar, and sea rice, boil it into a sauce, and prepare finely chopped ginger and green onions. Soak the cut tofu shreds in water to remove the beany flavor, and then blanch it twice in boiling water, so that the shredded tofu shreds will be softer and more flavorful. Remove the dried bean curd silk to control the moisture, stack it in the middle of the deep dish, sprinkle the top with green onion, ginger, coriander, top with the boiled sauce and sesame oil, and eat it and mix it right after serving.

Put a chopsticks and blanch the dried shreds. The dried tofu is soft and delicate, and the light bean fragrance is endless. In the salty and slightly sweet soup, the umami flavor of sea rice is faintly visible. Although it is a simple ingredient and seasoning, The more you eat, the more aftertaste. Drink the piping hot “Frightening Fragrance” moisturizing, leisurely. This kind of enjoyment costs little, even in the well-known local teahouses in Yangzhou, the price of hot dried silk is not expensive, and everyone can afford it.

Ingredients: chives, ginger, coriander, dried tofu, light soy sauce, shiitake mushrooms, sugar, dried shrimp


1. Cut the chives and ginger into thin strips for later use. The amount of ginger can be more to improve the flavor

2. Unfold the dried tofu rolls, cut into 10 cm long sections, and then cut into thin 1-2 mm shreds

3. Cut dried tofu shreds immediately soak in clean water and rinse gently

4. Change the water once or twice, rinse and soak until the water is clear

5. Pour the light soy sauce, sugar, and sea rice into a small pot

6. Add water. (The degree of saltiness can be adjusted according to your own taste, rather than salty, so as not to cover the natural soy aroma of dried tofu)

7. After the seasoning is boiled on a low heat, cook for another two or three minutes, then turn off the heat and cool down for later use

8. Prepare another large pot, add enough water, and immediately add dried tofu, blanch for 1 minute and remove. Scald again with boiling water. Remove the dried bean curd silk to control the water content and place it in a deep dish. Put green onion, ginger, coriander on top.Just pour on the sauce just before serving

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