What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency?7 kinds of food for kidney

Kidney deficiency is common to many people, but if there is kidney deficiency, it is necessary to replenish the kidney in time. Let’s take a look at the symptoms of kidney deficiency and what are the foods for kidney deficiency!

What are the symptoms of kidney deficiency

1. Dizziness, weakness, insomnia and dreams: Chinese medicine believes that there is a great connection between the kidney and other organs. If other organs are not cured for a long time, it may cause kidney disease, causing dizziness, weakness, insomnia and dreams.

2. Asthma: From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the kidney is the place for exhalation and inhalation. If there is a problem with the kidneys, it will cause difficulty in breathing. When the condition gets worse, colds and even asthma and other malignant diseases will appear.

3. Low back pain: Kidney deficiency usually causes low back pain, but low back pain is not necessarily caused by kidney deficiency, because low back pain is divided into two aspects: external and internal. In terms of internal factors, it may be caused by congenital deficiency, or it may be caused by the mother’s insufficient nutrition during pregnancy. In terms of external factors, it may be caused in work and life. For example, if you sit in front of the computer for a long time, you may have low back pain.

4. Chills and cold limbs: No matter how much clothes you wear, or in winter or summer, your body feels cold. It usually manifests as whether the bed is warm or not in winter, or you feel cold in summer under the scorching sun.

5. Excessive sexual intercourse: Chinese medicine believes that the kidney stores the essence and the essence is stored in the kidney. Excessive sexual intercourse will cause the leakage of the essence, resulting in symptoms of premature diarrhea, and even lead to Yangkui. At the same time, kidney deficiency caused by excessive sexual intercourse is often kidney yang deficiency.

6. Polyuria at night: I usually don’t have the habit of getting up at night, but suddenly I have to wake up several times at night, or the urine volume at night is more than the urine volume during the day, that is, polyuria at night, this may also be a manifestation of kidney deficiency.

7. Dizziness and tinnitus: There is no energy at work during the day, and the ears are always buzzing, which makes people unable to concentrate and cannot work at ease. The cause of this situation is mostly caused by the liver and kidneys.

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