“Tongue 2” broadcasts the second episode of “Heart Biography”, 27 hours of one dish

On the evening of the 18th, the first episode of the second season of “China on the Bite of the Tongue” was broadcast. According to Sophie’s ratings data, the first episode’s ratings in central cities reached 2.57%, and the ratings share was 6.72%. However, controversy ensued. Some people questioned that the “picking wild honey” clip copied from “Human Planet”, some people found out that the distress remained ten years ago and 10 years ago in Northern Shaanxi. Chen Xiaoqing and the first and second level diversity directors Li Yong and Chen Lei responded separately.

Is “Tongue 2” plagiarized?

“Everyone has just a few shooting methods. When shooting, it depends on who can incorporate their own characteristics into the content.”

Is “Tongue 2” plagiarized? Chen Xiaoqing does not shy away from this, “You said that plagiarism is good, whether it is for reference, I admit it. When Jacques Behan’s “Migrating Birds” was released, some people also found out the plot of XX. To’plagiarize’ XX’s work, in fact, there are only a few shooting methods that everyone uses. When shooting, it depends on who can incorporate his own characteristics into the content of the shot.” Chen Xiaoqing said that he pays more attention to the content of the shot than the method of shooting. Is it true? “If people don’t have the tradition of climbing trees to gather nectar, and you ask them to climb, they originally planned to place bees near Sichuan, but you think the results are not good, and you ask them to go to Gansu. This will definitely not work.”

People are more important than food?

“It does increase the proportion of the characters, but due to the fast pace, there are only a lot more foods to show up.”

After “Tongue 1”, many netizens regretted that the food in their hometown had not been included in all. After “Tongue 2” was launched, some viewers thought that “characters are more important than food, and they don’t seem to be greedy enough”. In this regard, Chen Xiaoqing and the two Diversity directors all deny that, “The Tip of the Tongue 2 does increase the proportion of characters, but due to the fast pace, there are only a lot of food showing up.” Chen Lei said. Regarding the inability to show all the food, Chen Xiaoqing said that “Tip of the Tongue” is for audiences across the country and even the world. Therefore, many personal traces must be removed during the selection process. Food can encapsulate more emotions. If it is simply equated with the joy of the tongue, it is not the subject that the’tip of the tongue’ wants to express. “

What kind of food can be “tip of the tongue”?

“Four standards: healthy, real, and daily relief.”

Recently, the chief director Chen Xiaoqing made it clear that “will continue to film “Tongue 3”. When answering what kind of food can be selected as the “tip of the tongue”, Chen Xiaoqing gave four beauty pageant criteria: one is healthy, “I like braised boiled, but it is not good for health, and it cannot be “tip of the tongue””; second, it must be true, ” Now many restaurants like to use Tang poetry and Song lyrics to name their dishes, which is a very unconfident performance. Good dishes are based on two standards: one is delicious, and the other is inherited.” Third, it is relatively daily, and most people can eat it; Fourth, we must solve greedy. For example, Chen Xiaoqing said, “We have a director who shoots a lot of vegetarian food. How to stir-fry green vegetables is something rich people look at, but it doesn’t look very tasty, and you can’t get it on the tip of your tongue.”


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