Review: Taiwan’s plasticizer incident suffered heavy losses

This drunkard liquor once again triggered the plasticizer controversy. In fact, it is not the first time that plasticizers have appeared in front of the public. Taiwan has suffered huge losses!

Liquor industry has been caught in a plasticizer storm a few days ago. Jiuguijiu was exposed to “plasticizer exceeding 260%”. In this regard, the person in charge of Jiuguijiu responded yesterday that the authority of the third party that made the test is doubtful, and the company has sent the product to the authoritative department for inspection. Plasticizer testing.

The China Liquor Industry Association also stated that my country’s liquor standards are currently studying the limits on the content of plasticizers in liquor products. Some media have asserted that the plasticizers in liquor products exceed the standard without evidence. This is an irresponsible behavior. .

Taiwan plasticizer incident

In May 2011, after the detection of food residual plasticizer ingredients in Taiwan, China Alcohol Association immediately conducted a lot of research, testing and verification work on the plasticizer residual content of liquor products nationwide, and plasticized food products at home and abroad. In-depth research has been conducted on the technical standards of chemical agents. At present, the content of plasticizer in the liquor products of Chinese liquor enterprises above the designated size is far lower than the requirements for plasticizer content in relevant foreign food standards.

This is not the first time that the term “plasticizer” has appeared in the public eye. Last year, a large-scale “plasticizer” storm broke out in Taiwan, China.

According to a report from Xinhuanet on June 3 last year, there were 809 types of products contaminated with plasticizers in Taiwan as of noon on June 2 last year, involving 242 manufacturers. It is worth noting that a new type of plasticizer, DBP, was detected in a “poisoned” product, and its toxicity was higher than the previously discovered DEHP and DINP plasticizers.

On May 23 last year, Taiwan’s health department notified that the island’s largest food additive supplier Yushen Perfume Co., Ltd. had illegally added the carcinogenic plasticizer DEHP to the food additive “clouding agent”. Subsequently, another clouding agent supplier Bingham Perfume Chemical Company was also exposed to illegally adding another plasticizer DINP. Soon, “plasticizer” changed from a proper term that ordinary consumers in Taiwan didn’t know to the daily headlines of the local media, and evolved into a “plasticizer storm” that swept across Taiwan.

This incident has had a huge impact on Taiwan’s food industry and even exports. Some analysts say that the loss to Taiwan’s food industry may be as high as NT$100 billion, especially the health food and beverage industry.

An empty bucket of fructose in the warehouse of Taiwan Golden Fruit King Food Co., Ltd. Shilin Store was photographed on May 30 last year. The company is suspected of adding plasticizers to the fruit juices, seasoning powders and other foods sold, and some of the products have spread to the famous Shilin Night Market in Taiwan.

On May 26 last year, a staff member of a store in Kaohsiung, Taiwan removed sports drinks from the shelves. In Taiwan, there has been an incident in which the harmful plasticizer “(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate” (DEHP) was added to the clouding agent of food additives. According to media reports on the island, many well-known sports drinks, fruit juices, and enzyme drinks have been contaminated.

Clouding agent is a kind of emulsifier commonly used in beverages, which can make the beverage avoid the oily water layer and look more uniform. DEHP is a plasticizer, which will endanger male reproductive ability and promote precocious puberty in women. Taiwan lists it as the fourth category of toxic chemical substances, which must not be added to food.

On May 28 last year, the gate of the building where Taiwan Bingham Perfume Chemical Co., Ltd. was located was closed. Bingham Fragrance Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of spices, seasonings and food additives. The New Taipei City prosecutor found that the company illegally added the plasticizer DINP to the clouding agent.

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