Leshan Soft Bean Curd-Tip of the Tongue 2 Episode 1 Snacks

With the popularity of the second season of “A Bite of China”, the Leshan soft bean curd mentioned in the first episode of “Footsteps” has also become a hot delicacy. Now the editor of Qinbaobao will provide you with a detailed introduction to the method of Leshan tender beancurd. Just follow the detailed steps below to learn step by step, and you can definitely learn it.

Method: boiled taste: hot and sour

Difficulty: Junior high school level Cuisine: Sichuan cuisine

Preparation: One day cooking: 30 minutes

Leshan soft bean curd has inherited the biggest characteristic of Sichuan snacks: rich seasoning. In addition to various basic seasonings, Leshan soft bean curd, crispy soybeans and kohlrabi, and very special vermicelli. Fans in Leshan soft bean curd, seem to have become hot and sour noodles.

Leshan tender bean curd can also be added with braised beef, which is the more flavorful beef tofu brain; adding chicken shreds, that is the fragrant chicken shredded tofu brain; and the special Emeishan, crispy meat tofu with crispy meat brain.

First look at the raw materials:

Ingredients: bean curd

Accessories: sweet potato flour, soybeans, pickled kohlrabi

Seasoning: green onion, coriander, chili (red, small), pepper powder, monosodium glutamate, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, water starch

11) Prepare materials. Soak the sweet potato flour softly, soak the soybeans overnight;

2) Heat the oil in the pot, drain the water from the soybeans, and put it into the oil pot;

3) Half-fry the soybeans and half-fry them until golden brown, and let cool;

4) Deep-fried soybeans, chopped kohlrabi;

5) Cook the sweet potato flour in a pot and remove cold water. Seasoning: oily chili, minced pepper, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, vinegar;


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