Known as the “Sea Chicken”, one of the top ten delicious fish, well-known rare sea fish at home and abroad

Red sea bream is a kind of rare sea fish that is well-known at home and abroad. It is known as the “sea chicken” and is known as one of the top ten most delicious fish in China. Today, I will introduce red sea bream to you friends, please look down .

Known as the

Red Sea Bream Small File

There are many other names for red sea bream, including Jiaji fish, red Jiaji, big head fish, small red scale, Jia wax, red crucian carp, red plate, red sea bream, red band sea bream, red fin, red standing, Wangshan fish, and over Some areas are also called sea crucian carp, such as wax and standing fish. In Shanghai, it is commonly called copper basin fish. Guangdong Nanao and Chaozhou are called red scorpions.

Red sea bream is flat on the side and oblong, generally 15-50 cm in length and 300-1000 grams in weight. It has a long life span, with the longest life span of up to 30 years and 1 meter long. The head of the red sea bream is large and the mouth is small, and the head is raised to the front of the dorsal fin. The color of the red sea bream body from the back to the abdomen gradually changes from bright red to white. The whole body is light red with golden luster. The back of the body is scattered with bright blue spots, the rear edge of the tail fin is dark green, and the base of the dorsal fin has white spots. The color is very bright.

Known as the

Red sea bream meat contains a lot of protein. Per 100g of edible portion contains 19.3 grams of protein, 4.1 grams of fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1, B2, and B3. It is very nutritious and has a particularly delicious taste. The meat quality is similar to chicken. , Because it is called “sea chicken”. Red sea bream also has a special effect. Diners who are allergic to seafood can improve their allergies after eating it, which is amazing.

There are many types of sea bream, including red sea bream, black sea bream, white sea bream, bronze sea bream, black sea bream, Irish sea bream, etc. Because the sea bream is fresh and fishy-free, and the meat is tender, it is the top grade among many species of sea bream. Think of it as the king of sea bream, so there is the name of red sea bream-the real sea bream.

Known as the

Main origin

Red sea bream is mainly distributed from the northern coast of the Indian Ocean to the central Pacific Ocean and the Hawaiian Islands. It is also produced in coastal areas of my country. It is mainly produced in Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning and Fujian, and then exported to Japan to earn foreign exchange. The peak production period is concentrated in November each year. .

However, due to the decline of resources, the output of wild red sea bream in recent years has not been much, and the annual output is only more than tons, so it is becoming more and more precious. Most of the red sea bream currently on the market are cultivated in artificial cages, and the market price of the cultivated species is about 30 yuan per catty.

Known as the

Procurement method

Because there are many species of sea bream, the output of red sea bream is very small, and most of them are artificially farmed. It is not easy to select the top-quality sea bream. Therefore, the catering staff can refer to the following 4 points as the selection criteria when purchasing:

Fishing time

The red sea bream caught in the spring and autumn of each year is of the best quality and the most plump.

Individual size

Red sea bream that is too small or too large will not achieve the best taste and texture. If it is too small, it will lack umami. If the size is too large, the meat will get old. Red bream with a body length of about 30 cm is the most delicious. of.

Known as the


The color of red sea bream will fade and fade with the changes in the breeding environment. Therefore, the bright pink variety indicates that it is freshly caught or just out of the pond, with better quality and often higher prices.


When purchasing red sea bream, priority should be given to selecting individuals with complete scales that are not easy to fall off. In addition, individuals with solid and elastic meat, full and prominent eyeballs, transparent cornea, bright red gills, and clear gills are healthier and have better meat quality.

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Cooking methods

The meat of red sea bream is delicate, delicious, nutritious, and has no smell, especially the fish’s skull cavity is rich in fat and has high nutritional value. It has always been a good taste that people who love sea fish can’t help but taste. It is steamed, boiled, dry-fried or grilled. They are all very delicious. Here is how to cook red sea bream.


Known as the

▲Steamed Jiaji Fish

Steaming can best maintain the natural freshness of red sea bream. “Steamed Jiaji Fish” is a delicacy in the famous feast of Penglai in Shandong-the Eight Immortals Banquet.


Known as the

The head of the red sea bream is particularly delicious, and the eyes are especially good. There is a saying of “jiaji fish head and mackerel tail”, and there is a habit of “one fish and two food”: after the whole fish is served, the fish head is taken out during the meal and made fresh. The sour, spicy and terrifying sober soup is not only to relieve gluttony, but also to sober up the wine, which is indescribable.

Japanese food

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▲ Sea bream sashimi

The taste of red sea bream is light and elegant, and the meat is sweet and flexible. It is very suitable for Japanese cooking, especially the sashimi can best reflect its delicious taste. In Japan, red sea bream is also known as Red Kaji. It is very popular because of its bright red body and auspicious and festive signs.

Known as the

▲Red sea bream sushi

The red sea bream is white in flesh and similar in color to the Japanese national flower cherry blossom, so the red sea bream caught in the spring is called “sakura sea bream”. In addition to sashimi, red sea bream sushi and clear water shabu red sea bream can fully embody the delicious taste of red sea bream, and are highly cookable. Some cheap domestic restaurants will use freshwater tilapia to impersonate red sea bream.

Other cooking

Known as the

▲Charcoal grilled red sea bream

In addition to fresh food, real silk is partially made into canned food and smoked products, which is the top quality among edible marine fish. In addition, the main ingredient of Penglai’s traditional famous dish “Penglai Small Noodles” is real silk, which adds a rare flavor to the marinade.

Known as the

In coastal provinces and cities in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan and other places, especially restaurants and restaurants, red sea bream is regarded as a top-quality seafood delicacy. Because it is also known as Jiaji fish, people often celebrate holidays or get married. For the happy event, I also tried to add a dish to the banquet: Jiaji fish, which is a symbol of auspiciousness and a delicious taste.

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