Insufficient blood, try these methods

Insufficiency of Qi and blood also has a great impact on the body, and it can also cause some diseases. So today we will learn more about how to regulate the deficiency of Qi and blood, let us understand in more detail.

What harm does lack of Qi and blood do to people?

1. Insufficient qi and blood, the body may also have hot flashes. If qi and blood are blocked, it will cause hot flashes. At the same time, dryness, redness, swelling and fever may occur. This is because the heat in the body cannot be transported to the body through the blood In other parts, the focus of heat can cause hot flashes in the body.

2. If there is a toxin procedure on the skin with insufficient blood and blood, it will also cause some skin problems, such as large pores, pale complexion, edema or stains, if these toxins are not discharged in time, it will affect A health problem of the skin.

3. Insufficient qi and blood in the body is very harmful to people. Insufficient qi and blood will cause pain, and there will be chest tightness, loss of appetite, or abdominal pain and bloating. This is because qi cannot promote blood circulation. If the body tissues are not well nourished, the body will feel painful. If the qi does not move, diseases will easily invade.

4. Insufficient qi and blood can cause fear of cold. Insufficiency of qi and blood is particularly easy to be afraid of cold. In fact, this is because the body’s heat is transported by blood circulation. If there is insufficient qi and blood, it cannot nourish the organs. There will be diseases that are afraid of cold.

5. Insufficient qi and blood can cause the body to become fat or thin. Insufficient qi and blood can cause weight loss or obesity. Insufficient qi and blood will reduce the body’s metabolism, slow fat metabolism, and spleen and stomach disorders. It will also cause insufficient Qi and blood.

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