Drinking alcohol hurts the liver, diet therapy protects the liver

Nourishing the liver and protecting the liver can start from the diet. The goal of nourishing the liver and kidney can be achieved by adding some delicacies that can nourish the liver and kidney in the three meals a day. The following recipes can play a certain role in nourishing the liver, and you can eat more during the three meals.

1. Schisandra porridge

Method: Cook rice and schisandra together into porridge.

This porridge can nourish the liver and kidney, protect the stomach and relieve alcohol.

2. Pueraria lobata water

Method: brew the traditional Chinese medicine Pueraria lobata with boiling water and drink it.

Pueraria lobata has the effect of protecting the liver and relieving alcohol.

3. Spinach and pig liver soup

Method: Wash the liver and slice it, marinate with salt, pepper and a small amount of starch for ten minutes, blanch the spinach in water, and blanch the marinated liver in boiling water for half a minute. Add the broth to a boil, put the pork liver and ginger slices in it to boil, and finally add spinach, wolfberry, sesame oil and other ingredients.

This dish can nourish the liver and blood.

4. Pork liver porridge with wolfberry leaves

Method: Wash the pork liver with salt and slice it for later use. Add appropriate amount of water and rice to the pot to make a porridge. Put the wolfberry leaves in and cook for a few minutes. Put the pork liver and ginger into the porridge and cook until the liver Turn off the heat when cooked, add salt, sesame oil, pepper and other seasonings, mix well and eat.

Pig liver nourishes blood, wolfberry leaves clears heat and lowers fire, the combination of the two can nourish liver and improve eyesight.

Spinach and Pork Liver Soup

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