Chaozhou Oyster Baked-Tip of the Tongue 2 Episode 2 Snacks

Oyster roast is a special snack in Chaozhou, and tourists from other places always try this delicacy when they come to Chaozhou. In the second episode of the second season of China on the tip of the tongue, this Chaozhou delicacy was mentioned. I believe that many foodies will soon fall under its plate.

“Oyster roasting” means “oyster frying”, because the “baking” in Chaoshan dialect is actually the “frying” in the cooking method. The history of oyster bake is very long. As early as the end of the Qing Dynasty, small food stalls for making oysters were very common in various towns in the Chaoshan area. In the early years of the Republic of China, the old Chaoshan oyster brand specializing in oyster branding was very strict in selecting materials. It specially selected the pearl oysters produced in Raoping Xiazhou, using high-quality snow powder, and even the lard used local pig bristles. Fried oil. The oysters fried in this way have a delicious fragrance and crispy taste. It is precisely because of the persistence of these old shops that the taste of oysters is particularly attractive. Therefore, it was well-known to the Chaoshan urban and rural and overseas hipsters at that time, and it continued to reach half. Over the centuries.

The traditional method of oyster bake is to heat the saucepan, put down the chopped green onion and fry it for a fragrance, then pour the cornstarch water evenly and fry it into a round cake, about one centimeter thick, until the cornstarch water is just cooked and formed. Pour the egg mixture evenly, then put fresh oysters on top, fry slightly, cut into four corners with a spatula, drop from the edge of the tripod, turn over and continue frying until the outside is crispy, then serve on a plate, and then garnish with cilantro leaves Even if it’s done. A perfect oyster bake should be golden yellow, and then tender and smooth, oyster fragrance is delicious, crispy not hard, loose but not loose, coupled with a reasonable combination of shacha sauce and fish sauce, with a little cilantro, Eat it while it’s hot, it’s really delicious in the world.

Not much nonsense, how do you cook oysters at home? The editor of Qinbaobao will provide you with the easiest way, let’s take a look!

Ingredients: 8 taels of oysters, 5 duck eggs, whisked evenly (or replace with eggs), 3 tablespoons of potato flour, and 3 chopped green onions.

Ingredients: Seasoning: half a teaspoon of salt, sesame oil, a little bit of ancient moon powder, one teaspoon of chicken powder.


1. Rinse the oysters, drip dry water into the Shau Kei, add seasoning and mix well.

2. Add 2 tablespoons of potato flour and boil well, add oysters and mix well.

3. Add six tablespoons of oil, pour the oysters, poke a thin slice, and fry until both sides are ripened into one slice, sprinkle a little green onion, half of the egg, fry until yellow, reverse the side, sprinkle a little green onion, pour Lay out the remaining eggs, fry them until they are yellow, and sprinkle with a little ancient moon powder. (If the stove fire is small, this portion should be divided into two frying).

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