Bite of China Season 2 Episode 3 Preview: Seasons

“China on the Bite of the Tongue” tells you from the natural grains that were used to satisfy your hunger in ancient times to the rich and mouth-watering delicacies on people’s tables today. A splendid and varied staple food world is presented to you. This documentary will focus on depicting stories about staple foods from different regions, different nationalities, and different styles, showing people’s pursuit of the appearance and taste of staple foods, the wisdom of processing and processing staple foods, and the deep feelings of Chinese people for staple foods. According to the director, “China on the Bite of the Tongue 2” will emphasize the part of Sichuan cuisine.

The documentary consists of seven episodes, each with 50 minutes. The first episode: the bitterness and sweetness of sweat in “Footsteps”; the second episode, “Heart Biography”, the deliciousness that is about to disappear; the third episode, “Seasons”, the Chinese people’s dependence and awe of nature; the fourth episode, “Homestyle”, the sweets and bitters at home; episode 5, “Secret Realm”, secret delicacies; episode 6, “Meeting”, every time food and people join hands; episode 7, “three meals”, Chinese One porridge, one meal. The eighth episode is the shooting highlights.

In season, show us our unique seasonal cuisine.


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